Why You Should Attend

Read what these leaders have to say about their experience at AVEC.

"My first AVEC (in 2015) was a real surprise, perhaps because it was so different than other industry conferences I attend. In a word, AVEC felt like ‘big business’. The presenters focused on corporate development and evolution, rather than personal development. The content was deep, intellectually very challenging and directed at attendees doing business — or wanting to understand how to do more business — with large, sophisticated customers. The breakout sessions gave us an opportunity to drill down into the content and how it applied to our markets, companies and current business styles. And the amenities, including great conference Wi-Fi and power outlets for every attendee, were all certainly ‘business class’. AVEC is the ‘next generation’ conference for the AV industry and if your company plays or wants to play in the big leagues, you need to be there."
— Brock McGinnis, Audio & Visual Solutions Division Sales Manager, Westbury National

"Being together for a conference like AVEC really gives the chance for the community to get together. Professionals who make a living doing this come together, get away from their business, and spend some time meeting with their peers, discussing the business of AV. It’s a unique opportunity."
— Craig Janssen, Managing Director, Idibri

"It was truly an exciting experience for me. The attendees, content and guest speakers were truly exceptional. There was an emphasis on the ability to be agile, valuable and, ultimately, be remembered by your clients for the experience you are able to provide for them. I'll definitely be attending again."
— Lloyd B. Ranola, Vice President, Charles M. Salter Associates, Inc.

"AVEC is a great opportunity for us to get together with industry leaders and peers and really figure out what the best route for our firm is."
— Frank Culotta, President, Symco, Inc.

"The people at InfoComm have invited the speaker to really talk to our businesses and how we can improve them and reinvent them in some cases."
— Sam Taylor, EVP/COO, Almo Professional A/V

"AVEC brings the cream-of-the-crop consultants and integrators, even programmers, to one space. To be able to support them in their endeavor for professional development and in their team building and peer communication is super important to our company."
— Gina Sansivero, Director of Business Development, Education, FSR, Inc.

"[AVEC] gives us the ability in formal settings and meetings to listen to great speakers, to gain more information about the industry, and how we’re running our company."
— Jay Rohe, Vice President, US Sales, Milestone AV Technologies