Homework Express

Homework Express is an informal evening activity where you will work on a group project with a small circle of your peers. Groups are pre-selected from non-competitive companies so you can meet new industry colleagues in a convivial setting.

This year’s Homework Express project will explore the interaction of sales, engineering and installation roles as you bring to life a desired outcome while also delivering the best possible experience for a client. You will assume one of these roles as you face a hypothetical yet applicable and challenging project. From the dreamy vision at conception, through the restrictions of budget and realities of engineering, to the discipline of installation and commissioning, how will your team get the job done while maintaining a positive customer experience? Will each role “cowboy” their way through their part of the process, or will the team find synchronization?


Paul Dexter
CEO, Jetbuilt

Homework Express groups (8-10 attendees each) are pre-assigned by InfoComm based on company type, take into account competitive firms also in attendance, and divides multiple employees from the same company into separate groups.

You will find out which group you are in (and the group's meeting location) during the Homework Express kickoff session on Thursday at 5 p.m.