Optional Sessions by Navigate

As a bonus to your AVEC registration, management consultants Navigate are offering optional presentations on Thursday and Friday.


How Delegation Helps Develop Next Gen Leaders

Delegating is part of good management practice that also helps junior managers learn to exercise authority, responsibility in an enabled environment.

Learning objectives:

  • How to determine the importance of decisions
  • How to relinquish decision-making authority without getting burned
  • How to keep responsibility and authority co-equal (and what happens when you donít)
  • The delegation tools you need


Your Human Resource Strategy Toolbox

A strategic approach to human resource management requires a broad execution of tactics and initiatives on a planned basis. This session provides tools for the strategic HR plan.

Learning objectives:

  • How to create and use a checklist of strategic HR initiatives
  • A recommended table of contents for your strategy
  • Assigning responsibility for HR functions
  • Key HR functions every manager must know how to perform

Individual Private Consultation

During networking breaks at the conference, Navigate will be available for private consultations by appointment. These meetings are designed as confidential and complimentary consulting or advisory sessions, as follow-on to any of the topics covered in the Strategy in Action webinar series, How to Develop Next Generation Leadership, How to Develop a Realistic Succession Plan, and How to Build a Comprehensive Human Resource Strategy. There are a limited number appointments available, so please indicate during registration if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity.

Navigate Partners

Brad Malone, MA, PMP, is widely known for organizational excellence and project management. Brad has managed large development and integration projects and directed process improvements as both an executive and a consultant. An accomplished author and speaker, Bradís the architect and presenter of standard-setting management training programs including InfoComm and the Project Management Institute. He is Principal Instructor for PMI, Senior Instructor for InfoComm Universityô, and holds the PMP designation.

David McNutt, MBA, MS, is an experienced business, management, and consulting professional in the audiovisual and related industries. He has held management and ownership roles in small and large organizations, including a systems integrator. A life-long educator and former professor, David brings a disciplined administrative approach to business challenges and is a recognized authority on business management metrics. A widely published author, David has written about the AV business since 2000 and consulted with dozens of clients.

Bill Sharer, MBA, CTS, is a 25 year veteran of consulting and training in the audiovisual industry. He has held Senior Marketing and Sales executive positions and has been an owner of three consulting firms with hundreds of consulting assignments in sales, marketing, management, communications, and customer service. Regarded as an outstanding trainer, he has taught thousands of people on four continents. He is a Senior Faculty Member at InfoComm University, and was InfoComm Educator of the Year in 2003.