Same Side Selling

Ian K. Altman, CEO, Grow My Revenue and Author, Same Side Selling

Ian K. Altman and Columnist and Bestselling Author, Same Side Selling

This session will deliver an integrity-based approach to selling that everyone can embrace, even your customer. We discuss research on how executives make decisions, how to align sales, marketing, and customer experience to accelerate sales and grow business all while ensuring dramatic results for your customers. The workshop will illustrate a straight-forward, easy-to-implement approach to quickly identify opportunities that are worth pursuing, and which are not. The presentation will focus on delivering the thought process first based on Same Side Selling tailored to AVEC attendees but will also provide tactical skills, practical exercises, and hands-on support to sharpen focus and discover how to use this strategy in your business.

Attendees will receive a copy of Ian Altman’s book, Same Side Selling.

Here's Ian on why you should attend AVEC:

Developing the Customer Experience

Gary Adamson, Chief Experience Officer, Starizon Studio

Gary Adamson
Chief Experience Officer, Starizon Studio

This session stemmed from the Experience Design Place in Keystone, CO, where clients come to think anew about the experience they create for their customers (and often employees and other audiences). Starizon takes each “explorer team” through the 6-I process to define the future experience they want to create, including a theme and declaration that cements that theme in the minds of those in the organization, and a full experience map to delineate each element of the experience. This holistic map makes the experience as strong as its toughest link. This session will provide a rapid explanation of how the process works and how to ignite the strategy behind the experience. Later the workshop will delve deeper into the process and provide the tactical tools that can help all levels of employees to provide an exceptional customer experience, while educating your customer about what experience you will deliver.

In brief, the 6-I process:

  1. Intentional: the definition of the experience, encapsulated in its theme and declaration
  2. Individual: making that theme come alive within each customer, using principles of mass customization
  3. Interactive: using digital technology to extend the experience beyond the physical walls
  4. Interpret: describing the stage on which the experience unfolds
  5. Inspirational: determining how to inspire both employees and customers to want to be a part of the experience
  6. Institute: making it last through time, so the experience is as engaging and memorable five years from now as it is on the first day

Experience Economy Overview and Interview

Joe Pine, Co-author of The Experience Economy

Moderator Mark Jeffries will bring Ian Altman, Gary Adamson & Joe Pine (co-author of The Experience Economy) together on stage to tie all the ideas together and provide a foundation for the afternoon workshops. We will expand on the theory of the experience economics with Joe Pine and relate the theory to the actionable topics that each attendee will be able to utilize with their team for the opportunities within their business regeneration. The dynamics of the three speakers discussing the evolution of the experience and the development of next steps will be shared.

Listen to a preview podcast with Altman, Adamson, and Pine for an exciting look into what they'll discuss at AVEC.